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Meet WhatCounts

About the guest

Each day, WhatCounts partners with over 800 customers to leverage email, social media, mobile design, and the web to drive revenue. They provide enhanced data, flexible deployment options, content automation and professional services. Based out of Atlanta, GA, with offices in Seattle and Sydney, their Baltimore team needed new space.

The Gameplan

With their lease date coming to an end, WhatCounts needed to find space to accommodate their needs.

The Story

WhatCounts loves email. They partner with businesses to drive more revenue by leveraging their people with technology and a sophisticated email marketing platform.

Downtime is not an option in a world when constant contact is crucial. Their team needed a new home in Baltimore. They were seeking a unique space that would inspire collaboration and also act as a hub for their Customer Success Team.


Find the perfect sized and inspiring office space in a location close to their employee base.


An initial twelve-month commitment with flexibility to occupy the space that best fit their team.


WhatCounts has a great office in a prime urban location that is a perfect fit for their Baltimore team.

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