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Meet Baltimore Corps

About the guest

Baltimore Corps' flagship Fellowship Program connects professionals to high-impact roles in nonprofits, social enterprises and government agencies around Baltimore City. They focus on local organizations that have solved daunting challenges on a neighborhood level, but face challenges in maintaining their quality as they bring their models to a city-wide scale.

The Gameplan

Find office space to fit their growing team on a tight budget and schedule.

"Kinglet matched us to a perfect space for our that very moment. A space where we could get work done, but was also filled with people. We needed to surround ourselves with people and energy that our current workspace didn’t offer. Kinglet was able to connect us to a space we never would have found on our own."

- Liz Gomez, Dir. of Operations

The Story

Baltimore Corps recruits results oriented professionals, locally and nationally, to scale the impact of leading social change organizations in Baltimore.

With little time to dedicate towards searching for office space, Baltimore Corps needed to find space quickly within their budget.


Find unique, inspiring, high energy space with the ability to expand as needed.


A month-to-month solution with the ability to acquire more space as their team grew. An office that has all the basics covered and does it well - coffee, wifi, parking, and good people.


Baltimore Corps found a co-working space that has allowed for new connections, high energy and the flexibility they needed to continue to expand as the months went on.

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