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Meet WPM

About the host

WPM delivers a full-suite of property management services for multifamily residential properties. They are a leading service provider to residential apartment home dwellers and take great care in making their clients' lives comfortable.

The Gameplan

WPM ended up with 2,000 extra square feet in their latest mixed-use development project and came to Kinglet to help market this space to local companies.

"We ended up with some extra finished space in our multifamily building and thought it was perfect for office space. We aren’t office guys, so we turned to Kinglet to consult with us on the space and help us connect with local renters."

- Dominic Wicker, Development Director

The Story

Sitting on excess space in their multifamily building with no way to monetize it, office space was the best solution to generate revenue and activate the empty space.


Turn excess finished space into office space.


Space was finished, so all that was needed was furniture and effective pricing.


Reached 100% occupancy in 4-weeks.

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