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Meet OrderUp

About the guest

OrderUp, a Groupon company, is the most complete food delivery marketplace for restaurants outside of the top metros.

The Gameplan

Find office space to fit their growing team on a tight budget and schedule.

"I’ve known commercial real estate leasing to be pretty inflexible. But Kinglet’s platform has disrupted this, so our team could quickly move into a strategic location on flexible terms. It was a simple process allowing us to stay focused on our business."

- Jonathan Vassil, VP Sales

The Story

Founded by a group of college friends, OrderUp built a better food ordering and delivery service.

Physical presence in neighborhoods is crucial to their expansion. The business model requires OrderUp’s management team to quickly relocate and stay nimble in response to demand.

OrderUp used Kinglet to locate and secure space in under two weeks, allowing their regional managers to connect with restaurants and drivers.


Establish a satellite office to penetrate a specific market.


Secured unique space in the heart of desired neighborhood in just two weeks.


OrderUp enhanced market coverage with the addition of dozens of new restaurant suppliers.

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