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Meet Martin O'Malley

About the guest

About Martin O'Malley Campaign

The Gameplan

Quietly identify space fit for a Presidential Campaign, near public transit with room for rapid expansion up to 100 staffers.

The Story

In a bid for the next seat in the White House, Baltimore native Martin O’Malley and his Campaign needed well-located space for a finite period of time with a high probability of both growing the team and extending the term.

Flexibility was the ultimate challenge and traditional landlords were uncomfortable with the uncertainty of the lease term and found it difficult to accommodate growth "on the fly".

The MOM campaign worked with Kinglet to identify several options that satisfied all their needs and ultimately landed on expandable space within one block of Penn Station in Baltimore.

The space came from Kinglet Host and Healthtech startup, WellDoc who held excess inventory.


Secure space for 30 staffers near mass transit with the ability to extend term and grow the team to upwards of 100 staffers.


Signed flexible 1 year initial lease in Baltimore’s Station North District.


O’Malley campaign began their march to the White House from their Baltimore Campaign HQ starting June 1st. Story to be continued...

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