Back At It Again

29th March 2016

By: Phyllis Langley

Hey guys! We took an (unexpected) hiatus from blogging and we feel pretty sh*tty about it. But we're going to make it up to you!

Over the past few months, we've really tapped into the communities that Kinglet has been lucky enough to become a part of. There have been some amazing revelations that we can't wait to share with you.

We not only want to share our knowledge and expertise of the industry through neighborhood guides, startup advice and lists, but we also want you to learn more about our team and why we love helping people--just like you-- find and host cool office spaces.

Sooo, go ahead and unsubscribe from every blog that you've been reading, grab a cup of joe and kick up your feet because your Tuesday and Thursday mornings just got a whole lot better.

P.S. Since we've been gone for awhile, we thought we would share with you some of the things our team has been digging lately:

What we're listening to: We went through a very serious Bieber fever but now we are into deep house, a lot of Odesza and Louis Futon.

What we're wearing: Vans.

What we're saying: "Get some"

What we're watching: Vinyl.

What we're drinking: Besides coffee and cider...way too much La Croix.

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Work small, dream big,

Team Kinglet