Really Cool Stuff For Your Office

8th September 2016

By: Jeff Jacobson

I am a big believer in investing in those things we use on a daily basis that have a direct impact on our physical (and therefore emotional) health. Here’s a link to one of my old blog posts - Comfy Shoes. A Great Mattress. And A Home For Your Business.

Here’s a new list of some of those really cool, and important, things that can improve your overall health and happiness at work.

The Chair - Don’t Be a Slouch

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Take comfort, design and aesthetics to the next level. This uber adjustable chair was designed to stimulate your body’s blood and oxygen flow. Even better, it automatically adjusts to your back. Herman Miller claims it reduces stress and blood pressure. Beat that!

Workstation - Talk about all-in-one

Altwork Station

Design your own workstation to perfectly support you in being more productive, comfortable and healthy. 5 years of engineering have led to the design of the first workstation created exclusively for high-intensity computer users. Customize your own station with over 540 options. From gentle recline to zero gravity, this mechanical “beast” would make George Jetson jealous. He better be for $5900.

Display - A Sight For Your Eyes

Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Ultrawide Monitor

This 34 inch curved screen monitor is definitely easy on the eyes. It brings enhanced panoramic viewing to your workday. Mount this baby to the Altwork Station above and you might get Elon Musk’s attention.

Work small, dream big,

Team Kinglet

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