11 Songs to Ease You Into September

1st September 2016

By: Phyllis Langley

Music should be embraced in the office. At Kinglet, we love sharing each others playlists over the speakers during the week. It helps to create a more motivated and productive vibe. These 11 songs are guaranteed to get you and the team in the zone.

Disclaimer: these songs contain highly addictive feel good vibes and we cannot be held responsible for any dancing and office parties that may result from listening.

Drivers - Nick Leng

Vacation - Joakim Karud

Think of Anything - Jojee

Hammock Days - Bonus Points

Stay In My Corner - The Arcs

California - Nude

Still Want You - Brandon Flowers

I'm So Confused - Goldensuns


She's So Untouchable - Garden City Movement

Hello - Derlee

Don't worry, all of these songs are available on our Kinglet playlist on Spotify. Listen here

P.S. Who's joining us tonight at the last First Thursdays in Canton? We'll be there with cornhole - come say hi and challenge us to a game :)

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