Angel Round Funding

3rd December 2014

By: Alex Kopicki

We’re excited to announce the completion of $500,000 in angel round funding. We’ve assembled a team of great investors and advisors that include, David Williams, CEO of Merkle, Brad Dickerson, CFO of Under Armour, and Chris Brandenburg, co-founder of Millennial Media.

“Jeff and Alex’s entrepreneurial pedigree, having previously launched a very successful commercial real estate startup, and their deep experience in the space give them a very unique perspective on the challenges faced by all entrepreneurs as they relate to office space,” said Chris Brandenburg. “Combining that with the simple fact that the market is clamoring for the changes Kinglet’s solution provides—variety, flexibility and simplicity in attaining office space—made this investment an easy choice for me.“

This funding will allow us to expand into additional markets such as Washington, DC in the upcoming year. We look forward to finishing 2014 strong and growing our business as we enter the new year.