What is a Kinglet?

9th February 2015

By: Jeff Jacobson

The Kinglet is a very small bird, yet one of the most hard-working adaptive creatures on the planet. This amazing 5-ounce warbler can survive in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees in Canada to 90+ degrees in Mexico. The Kinglet stands out from the crowd with a distinct crown of orange feathers on its head.

Cute bird, right?

So what is Kinglet (dot biz)?

It is for the exact adaptability of the bird that we created Kinglet, an online marketplace for office space. We curate awesome office spaces and make them available to emerging companies so they can worry less about finding a place to work and focus on making their business work.

If you need one desk or ten, we've got you covered. And if your business grows quicker than expected, we'll get you into a new space. The process is amazingly simple, allowing you to move into new space in as little as 48 hours.

Kinglet isn't just for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Landlords and companies with unused space can list their space on Kinglet for free, allowing them to easily connect with the next generation of growing businesses.