Tomorrow's Cities: 3 Ingredients That Make A Great City

10th May 2016

By: Alex Kopicki

Being in real estate, you think a lot about locations. There is the old adage of “location, location, location.” And while there’s certainly importance to a location in the context of both cities and the properties within, the value is far from absolute.

The main ingredients of cities aren’t uniform; they go far beyond what can be studied on a map. These characteristics also work in concert with one another just like an organism. And through this diverse array of qualities, the overall context is formed.

Rather then try and convey a comprehensive list of characteristics, we are sharing the three defining qualities that we see as “must have’s” for defining a modern city as great. Spoiler alert: size doesn’t always matter.

Neighborhood Diversity

Uniformity is boring, there, I said it. Honestly, even in a city like Rome where there is such amazingly rich history, one can only take seeing so many ancient ruins before they get a little restless. After a while, everything just starts looking the same. The neighborhoods bleed together to the untrained eye.

Today’s great cities have balance. They reflect on the old without suffocating the new. This holds true in forms of architecture, food, tradition, and ceremony. Iteration on tradition ultimately leads to progression and the best cities don’t fear change, they embrace it.

Economic Opportunities

Today’s great cities are wrought with opportunity. They maintain a diverse economic base and offer a range of opportunities attracting a broad socioeconomic audience. Sole independence on one economic driver can ultimately lead to vulnerability. Thus, today’s great cities have a range of opportunities for a diverse workforce.

Cultural Identity

Culture is contagious and can unify a city in a positive direction or act as a disruptive force. Today’s great cities have a clear understanding of who they are and use that understanding towards betterment. Baltimore for instance, my hometown, is an underdog. Catalyzing that spirit and culture leaves Baltimoreans with free wielding ambition and a strong work ethic.

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