Kinglet Rewards

20th July 2015

By: EJ Rumpke

Today we are excited to launch our new rewards program! It’s really simple – if you know someone looking for office space, refer them to Kinglet. They will automatically pick up $50 in their Kinglet account just for signing up. When they rent space, you earn credits which are used to claim rewards. Cha ching.

We built Kinglet Rewards for you - commercial real estate brokers, residential brokers, and business owners. We listened and delivered - because everyone knows a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business searching for space. Use this simple tool to introduce them to Kinglet and watch your rewards pile in.

And even better, you can follow those leads as they grow in Kinglet and circle back to strengthen your relationship with the prospects when ready.

How It works If you have a Kinglet account already, login and head to From there you can send invitations to contacts via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

If you don’t have an account, no problem! Signing up is free.

Who Can Use This? Anyone can join our rewards program and refer people to Kinglet. You don’t have to be a commercial real estate broker, but if you are one, welcome aboard!

We built this program with you, the commercial real estate broker, in mind. We know that you get phone calls and emails for companies of 1-5 people looking for space but don’t necessarily have the time to spend with them because you are chasing the larger deals. We get it, and want to reward you for sending these leads our way.

But wait, if you aren’t a commercial broker, no need to worry! We still want to send you swag and prizes for sending leads our way!

Who Should I Send My Referral Link To?

  • Friends who camp out at Starbucks for work.
  • People who like cool things.
  • Sales professionals who live out of their car and might want some office space.
  • Your brother.
  • Anyone you think might need some office space or have extra office space

What Can I Earn

And many more prizes!

Have questions, email us at [email protected].

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