How to Furnish Your Vacant Space on a Budget

29th September 2014

By: Jeff Jacobson

Changes in the Way We Work

Whether you just started a new business, grew out of your old furnishings, or are looking to outfit vacant office space, you will eventually need to invest in office furniture. Writing a check for furniture is usually not at the top of anyones wish list. The good news is there are an incredible amount of inexpensive office furniture choices available today.

Gone are the days where every worker needs a large desk, bookshelf, credenza and multiple file cabinets. Today’s workers need less space and less furniture because most of their storage is electronic and housed on a server somewhere in the cloud. The way you outfit your office space needs to keep pace with these changes. We’ve pulled together a few creative and cost effective ways to furnish your space for today’s modern business.

Private Office or Open Workspace - IKEA

We put together this Scandanavian Sleek office on a budget under $275.

GALANT Desk $79.99

BESTA Shelf Unit $80.00

UPPBO Work Lamp $29.99

KNODD Trash Bin $24.99

VILGOT Swivel Chair $59.99

Total Cost - $274.96

Private Office or Open Workspace - CYMAX

Desk, File Cabinet & Bookshelf $299.99

Add Ave Six Vista Chair $87.89

Add Lumisource LED Desk Lamp $22.50

Total Cost - $409.39

Open Workspace - IKEA

Quick and easy way to setup an open workspace area.

STOCKHOLM table $599

STOCKHOLM chair with pad $198 / per chair

Total Cost - $1,787

Cubicle - CYMAX

Quick and easy way to setup a cubicle in under an hour!

Individual workstation $546

Add Ave Six Vista Chair $87.89

Total Cost - $633.99

As you can see there are endless opportunities to furnish your vacant space. Mix and match any of the above pieces to create the office vibe and feel you are looking for.

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