Host Spotlight: Meet Mindgrub

7th July 2016

By: Phyllis Langley

Locust Point is a Baltimore neighborhood thriving from businesses putting down roots. Mindgrub, an Inc. 5000 company that was named a “Best Place to Work,” embraces the “work hard, play hard” mentality of a startup that’s quickly growing. We talked to CEO and Co-Founder Todd Marks about partnering with Kinglet and the perks of working at Mindgrub’s office, a featured Kinglet space.

How did you learn about Kinglet?

Alex Kopicki reached out to us about hosting in the Mindgrub office.

What about Kinglet appealed to you?

We just added 5000 sq ft of expansion space. We were going to lose it if we didn’t take it, but we also didn’t need it yet. We have a primary tenant in half of the space, but we still had 2500 sq ft and it seemed like a good opportunity. It’s great to be a featured Kinglet space.

Tell us about the space that’s available.

Mindgrub is headquartered in the former Coca-Cola and Phillips Seafood building at McHenry Row. We’re in Building #2, which was renovated in 2015. We offer two small offices, two conference rooms, and as many as 12 open desks.

What benefits do guests receive?

We share the game room, cafe, climbing wall, and Holodeck. There’s also plenty of parking.

As a host, what advice would you give to a guest?

Try to connect with others so you feel engaged in the culture. Get on the Slack channels, events distribution lists, etc. Ask how to get engaged in company activities.

Check out the space here.

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