Host Spotlight: Meet Horsetail Tech

31st May 2016

By: Phyllis Langley

About the Host:

At 1300 Thames Street in bustling Fells Point, it's hard to miss the floor-to-ceiling windows with amazing views overlooking the Baltimore harbor at the Horsetail Tech office. Five open workspaces can be configured for teams of 1-9. We talked to CEO and Co-Founder Chris Sachse about his relationship with Kinglet and why you should consider hosting and renting Horsetail Tech's space.

How did you learn about Kinglet? It’s very Smalltimore. Horsetail Tech used to be in the same building as Kinglet. [Kinglet CEO and co-founder] Alex and I went to rival high schools and played lacrosse against each other. When we moved, I reached out to Alex.

What about Kinglet appealed to you? We wanted to cultivate that startup mentality. We wanted a build a unique, collaborative culture.

Tell us about the space that’s available. The space is very open concept. One side is pretty populated by the technicians, and the other side is sales/operations. They’re on the road a lot, so that space is more open and quiet.

In the middle of the space, there are two collaboration spaces. One space is casual with sofas and whiteboard walls and the other is a glass cube for more focused work. There are high-top tables, as well.

How many guests have you hosted? We have our first guests in the space now, Backroom. We actually met the team at the grand opening of our office.

Were there any concerns from the Horsetail Tech team? The internal team was a little worried about safety and security, but we created separate security features. We invested in scheduling technology for our conference spaces, as well.

What benefits do guests receive? Rosina Gourmet is in the building, there’s a small cafe with bar in the office, it’s an open and collaborative space but also private, and the views of Under Armour and the water are pretty spectacular.

As a host, what advice would you give to a guest? Coffee and food brings everyone together!

What advice would you give to future hosts? Your leadership has to embrace it. The focus shouldn’t be on just bringing in additional revenue; find a purpose.

Check out the space here.

Work small, dream big,

Team Kinglet