Host Spotlight: Meet Citelighter

30th August 2016

By: Phyllis Langley

At the edge of Locust Point, steps from two shopping centers and half a dozen restaurants, the historic Foundry building is home to Baltimore-based startup, Citelighter. After outgrowing space at tech incubator Betamore, co-founders Saad and Lee Jokl set up in the Foundry and found that they had more space than needed. We caught up with Jokl about Citelighter’s partnership with Kinglet.

How did you learn about Kinglet?

After moving into the Foundry, we had additional space. We loved the collaboration and community feel of Betamore and, after seeing a flyer in a coffee shop, we connected with Alex.

What about Kinglet appealed to you?

If you’re not a natural marketer, you can work with the team on your Kinglet hostpage. Everything was really turnkey; we didn’t have to do anything special.

Tell us about the space that’s available.

In total, there are four small conference rooms and open seating for teams of 1-11.

How many guests have you hosted?

There’s a local consulting/executive coaching company in one conference room and using two desks, as well as a photographer, a remote worker, and an accounting professional. We still have space!

Were there any concerns from the Citelighter team?

We work in education, so we had to consider privacy issues. It was a change at first, but everyone is becoming much more social as we get to know each other.

What benefits do guests receive?

Everyone is curious about the building’s history; there’s exposed brick, steel fixtures, and large windows. It’s a very cool, open space and Citelighter is naturally very mission driven and collaborative, so we love hosting. The Wine Market is downstairs and Merritt is next door.

As a host, what advice would you give to a guest?

Ask a lot of questions about the environment and be honest about what you're looking for. It needs to be a good match to work well.

What advice would you give to future hosts?

Kinglet offers professional photos! (You can use your own, as well.) Also, share your Kinglet page with others and when you think there’s a fit, let Kinglet handle the process.

Check out the space here.

Work small, dream big,

Team Kinglet

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