Cincinnati Refined Gets It...Do You?

28th July 2016

By: Phyllis Langley

We are so excited to be featured on Cincinnati Refined today. Check out the full story on their website - Kinglet Proves That Your Dream Office Is Out There.

"If you’re a working creative -- whether you’re holding it down on the extreme “startup guru” edge of that spectrum, or just wading into the “young & hungry” end -- you don’t need to be educated on the power of space. And energy. And connection."

"I reckon it’s just something in our shared DNA, something in the underpinnings of this cray-cray thing we call “the human experience," that we tend to do more -- to do better; to BE better -- when we work together.

Or, at the very least, work near each other.

& If you’ve ever tried to build your week/ month/ year/ five-year plan on a rotating wheel of coffee shops, kitchen tables, and couches... Well, then you know exaaactly what I’m talkin’ about.

Who it's for... On the “I’m looking!” side:

  • An enterprise of one
  • A small team
  • Anybody looking for an office set-up that’ll help take what ya do (& how ya do it) to the next level
  • The best part? There’s a space/ situation/ price point out there for everybody.

On the “I’ve got!” side:

  • Businesses & establishments that have available space
  • Big; small. Super-duper-snazzy; just-plain-functional
  • Somewhere out there, a professional/ team of professional is looking for a spot just like yours

Thanks again, Cincy Refined!

Work small, dream big,

Team Kinglet

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