#BehindtheFeed: Meet the Girls Behind @TheBmoreCreatives

12th April 2016

By: Phyllis Langley

If you live in Baltimore and you're somewhat of an avid Instagrammer, I’m sure you would have come across the trending hashtag, #theBmoreCreatives.

If not, I’d like to introduce you to Lucie Camp and Alexa Gaines, the two girls that have started a creative epidemic over social media throughout Charm City. One that continues to grow into an exciting community that thousands of “creativepreneurs” call home.

This past Sunday I was invited through one of their social media campaigns to attend the #BmoreAquatic. They connected with the National Aquarium for a meetup with 40 lucky followers. The doors opened an hour before the general public, allowing us to have the entire aquarium to ourselves. It was an incredible way to start a Sunday.

As part of a new series for the Kinglet blog to go #BehindTheFeed of our favorite Instagram accounts, I sat down with the girls after the meetup to get some background on how this whole thing started.

What brought you both to Baltimore? After growing up in different parts of New England, we both ended up at Goucher College (shout out) in Towson. When we graduated, we realized how much we admired Baltimore as a community and wanted to be a part of it, so we headed to the city and have been here since.

How long has #TheBmoreCreatives been active and what inspired you to start the account? We started the account last May on a whim. To be honest, we really had no solid plan when we made it besides that we wanted to create a platform where creatives could promote their work and events. We thought that an account/hashtag combo would mesh well because people are able to follow the account for our "curated" take on the city's creative community, but can also follow the hashtag itself for everything we aren't able to promote on our account, as we only post 3 times a day.

It's been amazing to see the growth and popularity of the account even from when I first moved here a year ago and began using the hashtag - you've almost reached 10,000 followers! What do you hope to achieve with the account this year and into the future? Hitting that 10k will be such an enormous milestone for us. Like, unreal. We never thought that the account would grow this much when we started, but we're so amazed/shocked (and proud) that it has. For goals, we really, really want to create ways for our followers to engage with one another and the community, not just online but also in real life. This hopefully means hosting more events (similar to the one we just hosted at the Aquarium), partnering with local organizations and artists... anything that creates a space to foster connections between like-minded creatives. Further down the road, we'd love to find a way to host a artist-led workshops, speaker series... any low-barrier opportunities that welcome those who may not always have access to similar events.

What's an ideal weekend for you guys in Baltimore? Wake up late (because we were probably at some event or bar the night before) and head to brunch at a restaurant we've been wanting to try for awhile. In our ideal world, it's sunny and 70 out, so we'd stroll around outside and stop by whatever's going on that weekend that’s caught our eye -- farmer’s market, art fair, gallery opening, flea market, etc. One reason we're so into Baltimore is that no two weekends are alike -- there's always something new going on. But one thing that doesn't change is that by the end of the night, we're probably dancing embarrassingly at our go-to bar in our neighborhood: the Rockwell. (Gotta love any bar with a live DJ drummer.)

Anything you'd like to say to the Bmore Creatives? We've said it before and we'll say it again: y'all are the backbone of this project, and any success is on you. And, of course, we're SO appreciative of anyone who's tagged us/used the hashtag at any point since we started the account. Also, please get in touch with us about any ideas for meet-ups/collaborations/etc. Our ears are always open.

Check it out on Instagram and use #thebmorecreatives hashtag next time you post a photo in Charm City for a chance to have it reposted on the feed. I guarantee you’ll start to see the city differently and it will inspire you to be more creative.

P.S. TheBmoreCreatives has partnered with La Cuchara for a Creatives & Cocktails event on April 27th. Connect with local like-minded creatives while sipping on signature cocktails by registering here.

Work small, dream big,

Team Kinglet