A Cool Key to Unlock Your Business

9th October 2015

By: Jeff Jacobson

We were introduced to KISI at a Real Estate tech conference in New York. Since that time, one of our Hosts has integrated this amazing smart keyless entry system into their existing building.

KISI’s device is compatible with any access control system that’s currently installed, allowing building owners to upgrade their systems with a minimally invasive installation of KISI’s hardware. In the case of our Kinglet Host, they renovated an old mansion and previously did not have any access controls. The installation was simple.

Historic door at 12 W Madison St

Once installed, you can ditch the requirement of using key-fobs or cards to enable entry. You simply share building access to your tenants or employees through a simple to use smartphone app. Using an online dashboard, building owners can not only enable and disable users’ keys, they can also monitor key use, send out guest keys, handle remote opens, and even limit access to certain doors at certain times.

If you're concerned about losing control of keys and other security issues, KISI has the perfect solution.