5 Ways to Decorate Your Office On A Budget

2nd June 2016

By: Phyllis Langley

The hard part is over. You've found the space for your business to call home. But there's one thing missing...the decor. This is the perfect opportunity for you to make your work space feel even more like your own. Your space should make you and your team happy and spark creativity. It should inspire you.

We've been "pinning" up a storm lately and using the copious amounts of inspiration we've collected on our boards from Pinterest to put together five ways for you to incorporate your own style into your new work environment on the cheap. No matter the size or location of your space you still have the power to adjust aspects the vibe.

1) Bring some of the outdoors, indoors. A little foliage goes a long way. Studies have shown that you and your co-workers will benefit both physically and pscychologically. They help to reduce stress and bring in cleaner air. You can also use them to help decrease office noise by using them as decorative office dividers.

Check out our Plants board here.

2) Recycle the old art. There's a big difference between vintage and just plain old. When we say old, we mean those motivational posters with people playing soccer...no offense. Switch those out for your own photographs. Artifact Uprising lets you order prints of your Instagram photos straight from your phone. Not only that, but you can design calendars, photo books and larger prints with customizable framing.

3) Light it up. Nobody likes to work in a dimly lit office (well, excluding some coders). If your office is lacking in natural light, opt for a new floor or desk lamp to brighten the atmosphere.

Check out our Light inspiration board here.

4) Do-it yourself desk accessories. Creating a clutter free desk should not be expensive. This is one decor aspect that is very common and easy to overspend on. Instead of buying an expensive matching set, check out Pinterest for hundreds of ways to create your own mouse pads or turn unused mason jars into pen holders.

5) Grab a (comfy) seat. If there's one thing you shouldn't cheap out on, its your office chair. Hopefully you won't be spending too much time sitting in it, but if you must, make sure its ergonomic according to your work space setup. Your back and neck will thank you in the long run and besides, you can't be productive if you're uncomfortable.

P.S. We also like to use Pinterest for serious motivation outside of the office as well. Follow us along and check out our #Goals board.

Work small, dream big,

Team Kinglet