5 Light City Installations You May Have Missed

19th April 2016

By: Renee Beck

Light City, the first festival of light, music, and art in the United States, was a week-long feast for the eyes and ears. With so much to see and hear, it was easy to miss a few. Here’s a recap of five amazing light and art installations that should’ve been enjoyed.

Photo Credit: Jason Palumbo

Projected Aquaculture: Created by Baltimore’s own Kelley Bell and Corrie Parks, the projected sea-faring animations depicted the health of the Chesapeake Bay, mirroring Baltimore City, a similar ecosystem.

Photo Credit: Chop Photography

Pixel Promenade: In case Projected Aquaculture didn’t teach you to look up, Pixel Promenade should have reinforced it. Artists Erin Barry-Dutro and Kyle Steely connected Baltimore Piers 4 and 5 with a canopy of more than 5,000 colorful LED lights that changed based on the level of foot traffic on the bridge.

Photo Credit: Becky Stavely

Dear Baltimore: You may have caught the lighted Dear Baltimore signage during the kickoff parade, but the 13 tall lighted letters were on continued display near Harbor East. Thick Air Studios mounted the letters on bikes, continually rotating the letters.

Photo Credit: Chop Photography

Circus of Wonders: The Circus of Wonders was a performance piece at the Waterfront Garden at Pier 5, complete with juggling and fire spinning by nine different interactive performers.

Photo Credit: Becky Stavely

Diorama: Artists Michael Owen, Tony Byrd and Jay Herzog stepped inside the box to create live paintings. The acrylic panels starts white and were painted as the dancers moved to the music. Cleverly hidden steps allowed them to flip and dive to represent the life of a Baltimore City resident.

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