5 Awesome Things That Happen When You Work With All Guys

5th April 2016

By: Phyllis Langley

Hi everyone! My name is Phyllis and I’m 25 years old. I’ve been extremely happy to be a part of the Kinglet team since the beginning of December 2015 as the Social Media Manager. Alex, our CEO, brought up this post as an idea last week and I became inspired to write it after I found the majority of articles revolve around the cons.

1) I can embrace my inner tomboy. Growing up I was always “one of the guys”. I grew up in the Great White North (aka Toronto, Canada), I am almost six feet tall, and played college golf. Having this background definitely helped me assimilate into the work environment. I don’t mind being called “dude” or being faked out by a football toss while at my desk, but I will scream and run around the office when there’s a spider or bee by the window.

2) Beer becomes the key to bonding. You spend more time with your co-workers during the week than you do at home. Outside-the-office activities and company trips are important and become the best way to become acquainted with another. We are a group full of interesting ideas and different backgrounds. Some of our best ideas and discussions have come about over a couple of cold ones.

3) I can be a part of the stupid guy conversations. I’m a girl that likes sports, video games and stupid tv shows. Mike, our Head of Product is trying to get me to give Walking Dead another chance...not happening. There hasn’t been a single conversation about how much it cost me to get my hair highlighted or what Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram recently, and that’s fine by me.

4) When emotions are running wild…”you’ve got to keep it together dammit!” I can be a pretty emotional person, what girl isn’t. I’ve learned not take myself so seriously and when I’m feeling overly stressed or down I can always lean on the guys to pick me up.

5) I feel empowered. I’ve had other experiences being the only female in the workplace that have lacked in the “awesome” department. All seven guys work their asses off and inspire me to be better. They trust that I know what I’m doing, always provide constructive criticism and compliment me on a job well done. I’ve learned to speak up and be confident in expressing my ideas because I know they value my opinions and want to see me succeed.

Do you work in a male-dominated office and have any thoughts or funny stories? Share them with us via social @gokinglet.

Work small, dream big,

Team Kinglet