3 Creative Ways to Share Your Story on Instagram

25th August 2016

By: Phyllis Langley

Yesterday, I received some advice from Head of Product, Mike. We were discussing ideas for content. I hesitate to write those posts because I'm still learning. He smiled and told me about an excerpt from a Seth Godin book - “art isn’t a result, it’s a journey and you should share your journey with others.” Point being, we should all consider ourselves students while we share what we know with people that are where we were last year, last week, even yesterday.

By now you've heard of Instagram Stories. We're all obsessed. If you want a fresh new way to share your brand you have so many options with this killer new feature.

Isn't it just Snapchat? Yes and no, but the important part is, this gives you a way to share with your Instagram followers like never before, so why deprive your audience of your creativity.


The beauty of stories is to show your followers what life is like behind your feed. Show off your company culture. Did your co-worker just spill coffee all over themselves or did the team just have the most epic putt putt competition in the office? These are the imperfect moments your followers and potential customers want to see. This is the human element of social media that has become essential.


Stimulate your followers through exploration. Be a tour guide in your own city. What does your commute to work look like? Do you have a cool view from the office? It’s a great way to create conversation and excitement about your business/product. P.S. if you’ve been taking part in the Kinglet Coffee Experience throughout Baltimore, make sure to check our story everyday. We might just happen to be in the same coffee shop :)

Make conversation.

The chat feature may be one of the greatest elements of Stories. It’s made it so easy and less intimidating to interact with the accounts that you follow. This week, I challenge you to chat with 3-5 accounts that inspire you through their stories. Comment on a story that you think is interesting or a mutual interest.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Share your story. And if you're totally new to Instagram, we've talked about how to step up your game here. Want access to our technical guide? Shoot me an email [email protected]

Work small, dream big,

Team Kinglet

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